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HF On the move, NVIS and NVIS/Combi ALE antennas.


State-of-the-art, proven design antennas for
Short (NVIS) and Long Range HF communications.



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NVIS Antennas


New from Hi-Q Antennas
Initially Developed for NASA as a space bound NVIS antenna

For ground penetrating HF Radar antenna.

It is available for Shipboard and portable use NVIS antenna.

Lightweight and tunable for 2-30 MHz

For more details, please contact us at sales@hiqantennas.com

NVIS Antennas:

EZNEC modelled and On the Air tested.

Quick set up NVIS antennas -- less than 5 min. from BOX to on the AIR!

NO NEED for STAKES, HAMMERS, SHOVEL, ROPES, POLES and TWO+ men. Just setup the Tri-Pod and attach the antenna halves via the QUICK connects with bayonet fittings

Ruggedized NVIS Antennas for
railroad HF Communications

Coupler Box:

The millitary TAD coupler box offers the following features: 

  • motor/reed switch connectors to contactor motor
  • coax connector
  • motor/reed switch connector to controller
coupler box

The millitary TAD + coupler box will fit in a padded gun case for easy transport.
gun case topgun case

Portable NVIS Antenna Systems

gun case
gun case
gun case
gun case
gun case




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