Hi-Q HF Antenna price list for the Military versions, December 2011

 Submarine antennas:

For Submarine Antenna pricing, please contact us with your requirements.

NVIS antennas:


Hi-Q-2.5/2-23                                                                                     $2500.00

Hi-Q-3/2-23                                                                                          $2900.00

Hi-Q-4/2-23                                                                                          $3200.00

Hi-Q-5/2-23                                                                                          $3500.00

Hi-Q-6/2-23                                                                                         $ 3900.00

Same Prices since 2008!

Stepper Motor Tuned versions ARE AVAILABLE! Contact us for a quote.




Hi-Q-NVIS/COMBI HF base stn. antennas.


Hi-Q-4/2-30 NVIS/COMBI                                           $3500.00

Hi-Q-5/2-30 NVIS/COMBI                                            $4500.00

Hi-Q-6/2-30 NVIS/COMBI                                            $5500.00


All includes the Mil. Coupler unit.


Same Prices since 2008!

Optional: Carrying case, various sizes and cost.


Hi-Q HF Mobile, (On the Move)      


Hi-Q-5-/4-23                                                                                     $2200.00

Hi-Q-5/2-30                                                                                        $2700.00

Hi-Q/6/2-30                                                                                        $3200.00


NEW!  Ruggedized low profile On the MOVE HF antenna

Developed for the USMC, all black non reflective with large FoldOver

For either Vertical or NVIS, whip config.                                          $3000.00




Antenna Controllers:



Simple, 3-digit readout for DC motors              $495.00       


Rigidized Style 4245-1 Spring Mount                                               $500.00

New, old stock.

Mil FoldOver                                  $195 +Shipping

8' SS Mil Whip                                $150+Shipping

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All prices FOB Hi-Q California facility.


Special quantity Mil. Discount available for orders 10 or more.


ALL prices are subject to change on customer requested special modifications.


Note: NONE of the Hi-Q antenna need an antenna COUPLER! 

Great PRICE and SPACE savings.


Contact: Charles Gyenes


Sales @hiqantennas.com