Hi-Q Military Antennas Communicate!



Thank for your interest in Hi-Q Military Antennas! Hi-Q military Antennas has been building custom extremely efficient and compact High Frequency (HF) antennas for US and Allied military customers since 2007. Our antennas provide and very compact and rugged solution for Fixed sites, vehicles, boats and even submarines!

Hi-Q Military antennas are tunable and do not require a coupler to operate, saving cost, space, weight and power. Our antennas are fully Automatic Link Establishment (ALE) capable and provide the best cost effective solution for the needs of our government and military customers that require a lightweight compact HF antenna.

Hi-Q Antenna and Hi-Q Military Antenna company headquarters are located in Anchorage Alaska for official mail only. The Hi-Q Antenna and Hi-Q Military Antenna Assembly and Repair Facility is located in Chino Valley Arizona. All products and returns are sent and received from Chino Valley Arizona 86323.

To speak with us about your needs please contact us at or, call us toll free at (866) 970-7050 or direct at (907) 519-0123